How do I create an online account for my membership?
As a member, you will need to register for our online member services in order to be able to book all of our fantastic facilities online, either through our free My MORE App or on the website, and to manage your membership digitally. To register for an online account, you will need to click here and click the blue “Create Account” button.

You will then be asked to input the email address associated with your membership (or add an email address for the first time), set up a password for your online account (please keep this password safe for future use or save it onto your device) and accept the Terms & Conditions of use. An email validating your online account will then be sent to you, please check your Junk/Spam folder for this email in case it does not appear in your regular Inbox. From this email, you will then be able to successfully link your membership to our online services by clicking the website link within the email and entering some short details about your membership. After this, you will be able to login and access your membership online as well as book classes, swims and activities through this online services portal.

Will there be a new member mobile app?:
There certainly will! Before you download our app, you need to make sure you have registered for an online account by following the steps outlined in "How do I create an online account for my membership?" outlined above. We’d like to introduce you to your new My MORE App. The My MORE App is completely free for all our members and is a fantastic motivational tool to help support you with your fitness journey, including exclusive workout tracking, training plans, customer rewards, card-free access to your centre and monthly fitness challenges too! You can download the app to your device by visiting today and downloading it from either the Apple or Google Play Store. 

Please note, your My MORE App account will be separate to your online membership account, so the first step is to create your free My MORE App account, which you can do from the home screen by pressing “Login In | Sign Up” then selecting your Home Location from the centre options listed. Please be aware that until the 30th March, your centre location may not be available to choose from within the selection of centres in the app. Once you are able to select your centre, you will then need to fill in some details as well as your email address, we advise using the same email address as your online membership account for this. Then select “Create Account” and this will automatically give you access to everything you need at our centre via the app and all of the app’s features.

When you go to make a booking on the app you will be required to login with your online membership account, but this process will soon be altered to provide a much better member experience for bookings within the app, which we will update you on in the near future. Alternatively, members can book via the “Timetables” page on our website.

How can I make a booking -  for example for Leisure Waters and Group Exercise?
All bookings went live on 1st April, which members and pay as you go customers will be able to make either via the website at or via our free My MORE App, which can be downloaded at In order to make a booking via the website or the app you will need to register your membership for an online account, which is outlined above.

MORE Leisure is continuing with the provision of 5 and under’s can swim free in a fun or casual swim.

Those children enrolled on our learn to swim programme can book casual or fun swim sessions free of charge.

No changes have been made to casual or historical membership pricing at this stage, please speak to our teams on site to resolve any issues you may have if you believe something is incorrect with your membership.

Please note all outgoing operators and our stake holders have confirmed that we have no Price for Life membership categories across all four sites.

Will my membership carry on during the changeover?
All memberships currently active will be transferred over automatically, so members won’t have to do anything.

A small proportion of customers have not been transferred over to MORE Leisure, but don’t worry please come to site and our teams can look to resolve this.

A Direct Debit has been taken from my account by Everyone Active or GLL on 1st April?
If a collection has been taken by the previous operators, this would indicate that your primary centre is outside of The Beacon Sports Centre, Evreham Sports Centre, Swan Pool & Leisure Centre and Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre and you must pick up this query with the operator that has taken these monies. MORE Leisure can sign you up to a new membership at the centre of your choice.

Do pay as you go users need a membership?
All pay as you go members and activity bookers will require a membership to use our facilities. From 1st April in order to access our centres on a pay-as-you-go or casual booking basis, you will need a free MORE Membership. Our complimentary MORE Membership gives casual customers who use our facility for things such as court hire and casual swimming a host of member benefits with no formal contract. With a MORE Membership, you'll be able to access all the features on our My MORE App - from booking into classes & activities online, card-free centre access, tracking your workouts and gaining reward points to redeem in the centre and more!

Can I add my child to a membership?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to add on a child to your membership. For more information on what memberships we offer, please visit our website from 1st April at

Will I be able to bring a family member or friend in via a day pass?
We do not currently have plans to continue this service.

Will the swimming pool be open as normal?
The swimming pools at Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre and Swan Pool & Leisure Centre will be open as normal.

Will there be any changes to swimming lessons?
For members on swimming lessons, your swimming lessons will stay the same and continue to follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway. Lessons will run for 50 weeks of the year, including Bank Holidays, pausing for Christmas and the New Year. The main change to swimming lessons will be that we won’t be operating the Aqua Passport system, instead we use our own MORE Swimming portal instead. You will be able to access the MORE Swimming portal by visiting and from 1st April you will be able to register for the system by visiting, but please do not register before this date as your details will not yet be in the system. As part of this transfer there will be a short disruption to the awards progress displayed. Initially the progress for awards will show as zero, but over the first 2-3 weeks of lessons, swimming teachers will be re-updating progress for all awards back to previous levels. Additional details on how to use the MORE Swimming portal will be communicated from 1st April. 

If you would like to sign-up yourself or your child for swimming lessons for the first time you will be able to do so from 1st April by visiting our website at

Does my child still get free swimming sessions with their swimming lessons membership?
Yes, we are very happy to confirm that all children that have swimming lessons with us can enjoy family fun swims as part of their membership.

Why is my booking not being discounted by my membership when I book via the My MORE App or online?
Our health & fitness members get group exercise classes as part of their membership and swimming sessions. Our swimming lesson members also get free swimming too. However, if you are noticing that your sessions are not being discounted by your membership when booking via the My MORE App or the website, please make sure you are logged into your online membership account, this will then see your session discounted as it will then be linked to your membership. Please do not make any bookings as a “Guest” otherwise the booking will try to charge you full price because it does not know you are a current, active member.

What will happen to my personal training sessions?
We will be bringing in personal training sessions with our health and fitness coaches once we’re up and running, however any personal training sessions already booked in will be honoured with their current instructor.

Can we expect to see the same Group Exercise timetable?
Absolutely, we plan on maintaining the same quality group exercise timetable members have been used to in the beginning and we will look to expand and add to this experience throughout the year.

We are currently reviewing the virtual provision of classes across the estate and whilst not all of these provisions are installed at this stage, we hope to be able to offer this in centres where possible.

We are waiting on several items of kit on back order with our supply chain including Aqua Fit dumb bells (Aqua Vale) and risers for the steps (Swan Pool).

Can we still hire out any pitches, swimming pool and sports halls?
Booking process remain the same, we would ask that due to the volume of holiday users using the likes of Aqua Vale and Swan Pool particularly, that you please enquire as early as possible.

Will there now be a charge for car parking?
No, there will be no charges for parking at any of our centres for members or pay as you go customers using the centre.